Icon Submission

If you want your icon sets to be listed in our website then send us below given information:

Profile Information:

  • Your name (Will not be published)
  • Your email address (Will not be published)
  • Country (Will not be published)
  • Company / business name
  • Company / business short description
  • Website address

*Don't send Profile information if you are already a member of fancy icons.

Icon Set:

  • Send your icon set in zip or rar file format.
  • There may be 3 directories with names "ico", "icns" and "png". Keep ico, icns and png files in seperate directories.
  • Your icon set must have ".png" file formats. ico and icns formats are optional.
  • There must be at least 3 different icons in your icon set.
  • The resolution of png file must not be less than 48 x 48 pixels.
  • Attach license file.

Send your icon set to: info@fancyicons.com